Islamic Development Bank

Who we work with

Cooperation is one of the Islamic Development Bank’s main strategic objectives. We achieve this by maintaining a close working relationship with the OIC and its affiliates.

The Islamic Development Bank also leverages partnerships with other organizations to support capacity development in areas of common interest.

Our partnerships with regional institutions focus mainly on enhancing intra-trade and intra-investment as well as strengthening science and technology activities.

OIC affiliates

The Islamic Development Bank has maintained close working relations with OIC affiliates:

The cooperation between the Islamic Development Bank and these institutions includes:

Cooperation with National Development Financing Institutions

The Islamic Development Bank cooperates with National Development Financing Institutions (NDFIs) mainly through extending lines of financing. Through lines of financing, the Bank is reaching out to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Cooperation with Regional and International Organizations

The Islamic Development Bank continues to participate in regional and international initiatives:

Enhancing cooperation with the World Bank

So far, the Islamic Development Bank and the World Bank have co-financed over 60 projects in 26 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East worth $3.2 billion.

Working with the Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank has 13 common member countries with the Islamic Development Bank. They signed a co-financing agreement in Ramadan 1429H (September 2008) calling on both institutions to provide up to $2 billion each over a three-year period. The co-financing will mainly target infrastructure, public utilities and the urban sector. Some funds will also go into education and health. Recent joint activities by the two institutions included a proposed $250 million Asia Infrastructure Fund aimed at promoting private sector participation in infrastructure projects in common member countries.

The Coordination Group

As a member of the Coordination Group, the Islamic Development Bank maintains strong ties with this forum and its members. The Coordination Group enables its members to better consolidate their efforts in order to increase the impact of their collective assistance to developing countries. The current member countries of the Coordination Group are (in alphabetical order): Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development, Arab Monetary Fund, IDB, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, OPEC Fund for International Development, and Saudi Fund for Development.

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